Carter Devereux Series

CD H1At 35, Carter Devereux is living a life many could only dream of. Young, attractive, wealthy, this tenured professor of archeology was on his way to the top. He even had the girl of his dreams. The world was Carter Devereux’s oyster, an idyllic and eminent life by anyone’s standards.

Carter’s studies of human history on archeological digs in the Middle East, South America, and undersea exploration had led to some startling, controversial, and terrifying discoveries.

Getting rid of the confinements of ‘scientific conformity’ Carter discovers not only evidence that ‘modern’ humans existed in prehistoric times but that those humans were much more advanced than we are today. From our past, there are many dark mysteries, knowledge so dangerous that it could never be fully lost because some parts of human history refuse to be buried or lost.

Instead of recognizing these as discoveries of great consequence, and acting upon them, everyone ignores them, except those with malevolent intentions, and Professor Carter Devereux becomes their target.

Nothing New Under The Sun is the first in the series click here to read more.

The Wolves of Freydis is the second in the series click here to read more.



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