The Alboran Codex

In the year 106 AD, when the Roman legions marched on their capital at Petra, the Nabateans surrendered their empire to the Romans, without a fight, and according to historians ceased to exist.

But very few knew that the Nabateans didn’t cease to exist, they just stayed out of sight for more than 1,900 years and now they were on the verge of implementing their final plan.

Carter Devereux with his knowledge of the city of the giants and their library in the Egyptian desert was the only obstacle in the way to achieve their goals.

Therefore, the order of the Council of the Covenant of Nabatea was clear; “we MUST have that information. All of it. Move in on Carter Devereux… and get it at all costs, up to and including the killing of everyone….”

THE ALBORAN CODEX, is the third book in the Carter Devereux series, the sequel to the best-seller Wolves of Freydis. A nail-biting suspense-thriller about an ancient conspiracy set on total world domination, in every sense of the word — political, financial, energy, information technology…

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