The Wolves Of Freydis

The Wolves of FreydisCarter Devereux’s idyllic world had been shattered and catapulted into chaos and with it, the fate of humanity.

With a traitor in their midst who seems to stay one step ahead of them, it is a race against time for Carter Devereux and a team of Special Forces operators who must fight evils never before encountered.

Can they identify the traitor in their midst, free the captives from an unknown location and stop the evil from sweeping in and changing the world as we know it?

THE WOLVES OF FREYDIS is a full-length novel, a provocative suspense-thriller about human history and an international political conspiracy with tentacles reaching across the globe into the highest hallways of power.

This fast-paced suspense-thriller adventure is the second book in J C Ryan’s Carter Devereux Series.

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