Ancient Maps More Accurate Than Ours

Is it possible that there could have been a civilization before ours? A civilization of which we know very little?

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Charles Fort, author of ‘The Unexplained’ once said: “Every year new finds force the archeological community to rethink its standpoint. Perhaps the scientific world is on the verge of another discovery about the distant past.”

Throughout human history, knowledge has grown and declined like the ebb and flow of the sea. The knowledge that once existed gets lost in time, sometimes for centuries, even millennia before being rediscovered, and some of it is often lost forever.

The catastrophic loss of knowledge when the legendary Library of Alexandria in Egypt burned to ashes in about 48 BC. The library, a massive repository of knowledge reported to have held over a million scrolls, dated back to about 300 BC The cause of its destruction remains shrouded in the smoke of history. Some blame Julius Caesar while others assigned blame for its ruin to marauding Arab conquerors.

Regardless the culprit, it did not negate the fact that those flames forever destroyed a treasure-trove of knowledge, gathered from across the ages.

More than two millennia ago, the Maya, who closely studied the movement of the planets and the stars, created a calendar so precise it had not lost a single day in over 2,500 years. They calculated the length of the solar year to 365.2422 days; we only recently calculated it as 365.2420 days – almost no difference.

Here are physical fragments of the amazing knowledge possessed by a people long vanished. People of whom we know nothing, with knowledge so advanced, from an epoch when, according to modern scientists, there could have been no such knowledge.

But as Galileo Galilei once said; “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

The overwhelming evidence is that at some point in the distant past, explorers, with far more knowledge of the precise measurements of the earth, the location of true north, and the existence of the land that Christopher Columbus supposedly ‘discovered’, performed a worldwide survey to gain an accurate understanding of their planet.

And if that is the case — if we are just now re-discovering their work nearly one thousand years later, what are the chances there remains to be re-discovered a lot more wonders of our world?

Ancient Maps More Accurate Than Ours

Here is what you will find inside your free eBook.

The Zeno Map 1390

The map shows the exact latitude and longitude of coastlines of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Scotland. The big surprise is in 1390 the chronometer, the instrument used to determine longitude, did not exist, it was only invented 375 years later.

The Piri Reis Map 1513

The U.S. Hydrographic Office examined the map and Commander Larsen, U.S. Navy, said: “The Hydrographic Office of the Navy has verified an ancient chart— it’s called the Piri Reis map, that goes back more than 5,000 years. It’s so accurate, only one thing could explain it—a worldwide survey. The Hydrographic Office couldn’t believe it, either, at first. But they not only proved the map genuine, it’s been used to correct errors in some present-day maps.”

A World-Wide Global Survey in 3000 BC?

TOV Rose and acclaimed author or of several books undertook an elaborate study of several ancient maps and concludes that almost 5,000 years ago, somebody undertook a survey of the whole planet. Here is what he said about those early explorers:

  1. They possessed a knowledge of cartography comparable to our own.
  2. They knew the correct shape and size of the earth.
  3. They possessed a knowledge of cartography comparable to our own.
  4. They used spherical trigonometry in their mathematical measurements.
  5. They utilized ultramodern methods of projection (exact coordinates).
  6. They must have had at their disposal advanced geodetic instruments (and trained specialists to use them) to measure longitude and latitude (totally lost and not developed in the modern world until the end of the eighteenth century).
  7. They must have been organized and directed on a global scale.

A Complex -3D Map 120 Million Years Old

This one is a real mind bender. A find by Bashkir scientists seriously challenged traditional notions of human history when the unearthed a stone slab 120-million years old covered with a relief map of the Ural Region in Russia.

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