Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza

How much do we really know?

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the only survivor of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, has always been clouded in mystery. For thousands of years, it has been defying anyone from learning its secrets.

Who build it? How did they build it? When did they build it? Why? And many more questions like that abounds.

The base of the Great Pyramid covers an area of 13 acres and 30 Empire State Buildings could be built with the estimated 2,300,000 stones. It contains more stones than was used in all the churches, cathedrals, and monasteries built in England since 313 AD. A wall 6ft high and 1ft thick could be built from New York to Los Angeles using the amount of masonry contained in the Great Pyramid and until the construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world.

Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza, in this 13-page eBook Inside you will find some mind-boggling information. If you are in doubt as to the correct format for your device, see the guide to at the bottom of this page.

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Read all about it; How was it built? The outer casing, The sarcophagus, Earthquake proof and much more.

Astonishing Mathematical precision

Read about the ancients’ sense of direction. Oh, and did you know the Great Pyramid has 8 sides, not 4?

They must have known about …

  • The length of a year
  • A tropical year
  • A sidereal year
  • The exact time of the spring equinox
  • The precession of the equinoxes
  • Mean distance to the sun
  • Mean distance to moon and the sun’s radius

They must have known about the earth

  • Earth’s polar radius
  • Equatorial circumference of the earth
  • Earth’s volume and mass
  • Speed of earth around the sun
  • Average land height
  • About the speed of light and about the sun’s parallax

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