Voice Of The Dolphins

Thought We Were The Only Smart Ones On The Planet?

Dolphin brains developed two hemispheres just like ours, but with completely different wiring. We arrived at the same spot — we’re both air-breathing mammals with large brains and high intelligence — but along completely different itineraries…There’s more than one way to be smart here on planet Earth and theirs is much more ancient than ours.

Dolphins routinely keep company with boats, they’ve been conscripted by the military, and they’ve found a role in animal-assisted therapy. Dolphins have helped treasure hunters locate undersea treasure and saved surfers from shark attacks — and it just goes on from there. Dolphins can understand human language, call each other by name, recognize themselves in reflections, count, pull pranks, mourn, throw tantrums, and rescue each other and humans.

Voice Of The Dolphins is a 28-page eBook with fascinating facts about dolphins which few people know about. If you are in doubt as to the correct format for your device, see the guide to at the bottom of this page.

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Table of Contents

  1. Origin Of The Species
  2. Mutual Fascination – From Mythology to Public Policy – Dolphins In Human History & Present Day Culture
  3. How Little We Really Know – Learning – Play – Feeding – The Need To Be Free – Rights
  4. They Have Us Beat – Speech Production – Emotions – Advanced Cognition
  5. The Social Life Of Dolphins – Dolphins Cooperate by Talking It Out – Dolphin Social Structure – Socialization Behavior Of Dolphins
  6. Interspecies Communications. Is It Possible? – Extensive And Complex Communications – The Discovery of Dolphin Language

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