Genetic Bullets

Genetic Bullets

A Catastrophe of Biblical Proportions 35,000 Years in the Making.
The World We Know Is On The Verge Of Destruction.
There Is No Escape. Or Is There?

The discovery and excavation of a 35,000-year-old city hidden deep within the Transantarctic Mountains releases a pandemic across the globe. Within a few weeks, 5 million are dead, and another 10 million are about to die. Billions more are certain to die within three to four weeks.

But, what kind of disease only affects members of a specific ethnic group?

Some world leaders are convinced this is a genetic bioweapon developed and deployed against them for the sole purpose of ethnic cleansing. They convince their followers that enemy governments are behind this and join forces to go to war. The human race stands on the brink of extinction.

The world has slipped into economic and political chaos, stock markets have crashed and have been shut down, and lawlessness is on the rise. Radical political and ethnic solutions are considered and implemented. Within a matter of days, the world will descend into open warfare, more than half of the entire world population will be annihilated on the battlefield of Armageddon. Nuclear warheads and long-range missiles have been aimed; military forces have been mobilized, ready to march.

There are those who want this to happen. “Let it run its course.” “Don’t try to stop it; you can’t stop it. “ “This will help us get rid of old foes.”

Only a handful of people may be able to stop this catastrophe. Will they be able to do it? Will they be allowed to do it? Do they have enough time?

Does anyone besides Sarah Rossler remember the dire warning of the 10th Cycle that our cycle’s final, civilization-ending catastrophe could be triggered by war?

GENETIC BULLETS is a full-length novel, a stimulating thriller about human persistence and resolution in the face of destruction. This adventure is a follow up of Ninth Cycle Antarctica and takes readers back into the Mysteries of the Rossler Foundation which began with JC Ryan’s The Tenth Cycle and Ninth Cycle Antarctica

GENETIC BULLETS is Book 3 in the Rossler Foundation Series.

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