Ninth Cycle Antarctica

Ninth Cycle

Was There A Human Civilization In Antarctica In The Past?
Will We Ever Be Allowed To Find Out?

In November 2002, a California TV crew disappears in Antarctica. A special U.S. Navy SEAL rescue team is sent, but they only recover some equipment and film footage, no bodies or any trace of the crew are ever found. There are reports that the film footage shows strange artifacts buried under the ice. The film is confiscated, and everyone who saw the film is warned never to talk about what they have seen – ever again.

More than a decade later Professor Charles Summers of the Boulder University Archeology Department is intrigued by the discovery of a 15th-century map that shows the coastline of Antarctica so accurately that when NASA investigates the maps, they find that they must update their own current maps! But this map predates any record of the discovery of Antarctica by 300 years!

The only explanation is that those maps must have been drawn by someone who saw Antarctica before it was covered in ice. But Antarctica has been covered in ice for many thousands of years. According to modern day accounts, the first human being recorded to have set foot on Antarctica was an American sealer named Capt. John Davis, in 1821.

Who had drawn those maps and when?

Is it possible that beneath the ice we will find the remains of an ancient civilization? With Professor Charles Summers in the lead, the Rossler Foundation arranges for an expedition to Antarctica to search for evidence of such a civilization. The Orion Society immediately mobilizes their resources to infiltrate the expedition. Will their treachery and hunger for power stop this expedition from reaching its goals?

NINTH CYCLE ANTARCTICA is a full-length novel, a stimulating thriller about an attempt at uncovering true human history in the face of adversity. This adventure takes readers back into the Mysteries of the Rossler Foundation, which began with JC Ryan’s THE TENTH CYCLE.

NINTH CYCLE ANTARCTICA is Book 2 in the Rossler Foundation Series.

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