The Rowen

The team of people at the Rossler Foundation had two mottos:

One: Our present circumstances will not determine where we will go; it will merely dictate where we will start.

Two. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

During The Phoenix Agenda, when John Brideaux, took over control of the world and established his One World Government, a tyranny the likes of which the world had never seen, the Rosslerites went into hiding and refused to accept the loss of their freedom.

Under the leadership of Daniel and Sarah Rossler, through sheer brilliance, hard work, and perseverance, the Rosslerites topple the evil John Brideaux and his Supreme Council. The Rosslerites had given the people of the world a new lease on life, with hopes and dreams of restoring their lives in peace and quiet.

But they soon find that their euphoria would be fleeting, as two malevolent forces are already at work to return the world to the frightening nightmare from which it had just escaped.


The Rowen is a full-length novel, a stimulating dystopian techno-thriller. This is the 7th book in JC Ryan’s Rossler Foundation Mysteries which began with The Tenth Cycle followed by Ninth Cycle Antarctica, Genetic Bullets, The Sword of Cyrus, The Skywalkers, and The Phoenix Agenda.

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