The Skywalkers


The blood drained from Daniel Rossler’s face as he was reading the words from a letter written more than 50,000 years ago.

We gave away our freedom.
We gave away our blood.

“My time is here. The beast knows my blood, it knows my name, and the invisible messenger of my death from the sky is on its way now. I have but a few breaths left. Heed me … You must seek the beast in this place of evil and you MUST destroy it. I pray you find it.”

Barely able to hold the piece of paper in his visibly shaking hand. “Oh my God!”

During the eight cycle of human history, about 50,000 years ago, an elite group of people developed a weapon with which they controlled every living soul on the planet. The Rossler Foundation uncovered this frightening technology and sets out to destroy it.

This weapon must never be allowed to be activated again.

Will they succeed?

THE SKYWALKERS is a full-length novel, an exciting dystopian techno-thriller about the history of the eight cycle of human civilization. This book is a follow-up of The Sword of Cyrus and takes readers back into the Mysteries of the Rossler Foundation, which began with JC Ryan’s The Tenth Cycle followed by Ninth Cycle Antarctica, Genetic Bullets, and The Sword of Cyrus.

THE SKYWALKERS is Book 5 in the Rossler Foundation Series.

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