Sigma Wave

In April 2013, when President Barack Obama announced the launch of the BRAIN Initiative, (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) it was hailed as America’s next moonshot, a bold, ambitious endeavor, and the final frontier of modern science.

Billions of dollars were allocated with the goal of finding not only a cure for debilitating diseases, but also to investigate the possibilities of neural implants which could increase intelligence, and even accelerate reflexes.

Within the national security community however, people began having serious misgivings when the potentially dangerous aspects of the developments were reported:

“Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory.”

“Moral Judgments can be Altered by New Technology.”

“Scientists Create False Memories in Mice.”

“How Human Brains Can Be Hacked.”

December, 2020

Doctor Ava Kelvin — a PhD in neuroscience and an intelligence officer of the CIA — poured herself another coffee, her gaze fixed on her multicolor drawing on the wall. Her lips were moving in silence as she spoke to herself.

It’s a serial killer, or rather serial killers . . . it’s possible to turn happy and rich people into murderers . . . the people pulling the triggers aren’t the real killers—they are being controlled like puppets.

They are manufacturing killers on demand—killers who have no idea what they are doing . . . their minds belong entirely to someone else.

As the reality dawned on Ava she started shaking slightly as she whispered, “My God. . . they’ve weaponized the human brain.”

SIGMA WAVE, the first book in the thought-provoking Brainstorm series is a full-length novel. It is a nail-biting suspense-thriller with unexpected twists, mind-bending science, and captivating concepts which readers will be mulling over long after they’ve read the last page.

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