Damned If You Do Damned If You Don’t

Everyone is guilty of something…

Conrad Wilson, an ex-detective, had less than a month to live. The date of his execution, by lethal injection, was scheduled for the 1st June. All legal avenues have been exhausted — the Governor of New Hampshire refused to review his case.

The only problem was; Conrad Wilson was innocent but no one cared or rather, everyone that cared wanted him executed. His only chance to escape certain death was Judge Regan St Clair and Jake Westley. Did they have enough time to stop the execution?

Jake and Regan quickly discovered a number of holes in the Wilson case — tampering with forensic evidence, an alibi that stood up to scrutiny… It was evident, Wilson was innocent, he certainly didn’t kill his mistress as was alleged. Someone has gone to great lengths to shift the blame onto an innocent man.

But why were so many so desperate to see him dead — for a crime he didn’t commit? Who was the real killer?

Was Wilson framed in order to let the real killer get away?

Or was there some truth in what Pavo, one of the Organization bosses said?  Everyone is guilty of something.

DAMNED IF YOU DO DAMNED IF YOU DON’T is a full-length novel, a crime suspense-thriller about a man who is about to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit but everyone wanted him dead. This fast-paced suspense-thriller is the second book in J C Ryan’s Exonerated Series that started with Judgment Call.

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